Saturday, September 15, 2012


How could I do such a thing? How had I been so careless? But the evidence was there. Or not there. After a weekend trip to attend my granddaughter's first birthday party and my brother's wedding, I had left behind the charger to my laptop.
This was the week I was going to complete the last edit of the book.
This was the week I was going to finalize the book cover.
This was the week I was going to clean out my inbox.
This was the week I was going to .....

So there I was on Monday morning unplugged.
Of course, I had my trusty iPhone. I began to call around. Out-of-stock. It cost what!?!? The number you have reached is no longer in service. You left your charger behind? (Ouch.)

Finally, after a quick web search, I found a place that would mail the charger, for a reasonable price, the very same day. Great it should be here by Wednesday! The week was not a total loss. A Wednesday delivery leaves Thursday and Friday to catch-up.

Now what to do with my two and a half days of down time. The prospects were glorious. I could clean my closet and hold off Hoarders for another year. There's that flower bed that needs attention.
Oh and my office - I'm always saying I should organize my office. Where to begin?

I began by pouring myself a cup of coffee and starting a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish. And just for the company, I turned on the TV. . . .

The charger finally arrived on Thursday afternoon. I answered the door, squinting into the bright afternoon sun. As I eagerly opened the yellow envelope, my eyes fell on the partially completed list of things to do. The TV blared - Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! Don't judge me. Y'all know you love a train wreck, too.

How could I do such a thing? How had I been so careless? In just two and one half days, I had solved thirty crimes, watched twenty interventions, seen I don't know how many people buried alive, and watched a Georgia mother melt butter and ketchup together to make "sketti" sauce for her family's dinner. And most of those shows were on networks with names like Bravo and Arts & Entertainment.

Those are days I can never get back. But I have learned one thing. I will never again feel guilty for spending time writing or reading. Or watching the Independent Film Channel. With my computer charging away and my mind returning to the world of art and literature, I repent and vow to never spend another wasted minute on the junk that passes as entertainment today.

Wait . . . did they just say Sugar Bear is taking Honey Boo Boo and the family out to something called The Redneck Games where Pumpkin will bob for pig's feet? Well, my computer isn't fully charged yet. Maybe just one more episode.


  1. TV is a mindless web of silliness. I love PBS so that helps. Isn't it amazing how tied to technology we have become, and losing our "cord to the world" can send us overboard! I look back fondly on my worst annoyance - forgetting to wear my watch - and wonder at the simplicity of my life back then. Wouldn't change it now, but just saying...

  2. Yes, I know what you mean. I shudder to think of going on a trip without my phone, yet I went cross-country several times without benefit of a cell phone. I truly have to just say no and never turn the thing on if I want to get anything done.